Hello world!

I’m Thad and I use HTML, CSS and jQuery to make websites. I currently reside in the metro Detroit area.

My passion is learning about the internet, web technologies, and most importantly, being a part of it. I'm not a graphic designer and I'm okay with that. Writing code is what excites me.

I love Atari 2600. I drink my coffee black. I don’t watch television. I once shaved in a mud puddle. No, I didn't lose a bet. I enjoy a wide variety of music, but Polish polka music is by far my favorite.

If you're looking for someone with an eager, inquisitive mind, then give me a holler!

Most recent project

I recently completed a time calculator. It calculates the amount of time that has passed between the start and end times entered by the user, adjusting for break and lunch time, if applicable.

One of my co-workers is required to log how much time it takes to perform certain tasks. Making this calculator sounded like a fun project and it makes my co-worker's job easier. Win-win!

Upcoming project

A coin flip web app. You know, just a heads or tails coin flip.